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Aqua Lymphatic Therapy 

dal 19 al 23 novembre 2017
sede: hotel West Point Dossobuono (Verona)

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Il 20 ottobre 2017 a Verona

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Linfodrenaggio Manuale

Docente di LDM autorizzata dalla Dr. Vodder Schule


Assist. docente di Linfotaping autorizzata da TNM INSTITUTE


Certificato della qualità della formazione impartita dagli insegnanti della Scuola Vodder

Bendaggio di un linfedema

Effect of treatment with low-intensity and extremely lowfrequency elect rostatic fields (deep oscillation®) on breast tissue and pain in patient with secondary breast lymphoedema.

Objective: To investigate symptoms and functional impairment in women with secondary lymphoedema of the breast following surgical treatment and to assess the therapeutic benefit of treatment with low-intensity and extremely lowfrequency electrostatic fields (Deep Oscillation®), supplementing manual lymphatic drainage.

Results: Patients had high pain and swelling scores at baseline. Shoulder mobility was impaired in all patients; restriction of cervical spine mobility was common at baseline and declined further in the control group. Deep Oscillation® resulted in significant pain reduction in the treatment group. The subjective reported reduction of swelling in both groups was confirmed objectively by 3D measurement only in the treatment group.

Conclusion: Additional Deep Oscillation® supplementary to manual lymphatic drainage can significantly enhance pain alleviation and swelling reduction in patients with secondary breast lymphoedema compared with manual lymphatic drainage alone.

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