Linfodrenaggio + Linfotaping
Welcome to Monica Coggiola’s website!
Monica Coggiola, physiotherapist since 1986, has been teaching the original dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage since 1991, authorized by the dr. Vodder Schule of Walchsee (Austria).
Monica has been assisting to Dr. David Blow in courses of Lymphotaping (use of TNM in lymphology), authorized by the TNM Institute, since 2009.
This site is divided into four sections:
  a)   Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) by dr. Vodder  
  b)   Lymphotaping  
  c)   Diseases and Vocabulary    
  c)   Monica Coggiola  
This site is for:
    operators working in therapy and aesthetics   
    Operators in therapy and aesthetics will find information about the program of courses, the training and an updated calendar of events. Patients can find a competent and professional therapist or beautician, authorized to use the original technique.  
Both may:
    find articles of scientific and cultural interest, relating to MLD and Lymphotaping  
    see bibliography  
    know the conditions which benefit of using MLD by dr. Vodder and / or Lymphotaping  
    visit related links  
    contact me